Jenny Hanna

Levi dickerson is 7 years old, these are his first turkeys and he killed both with one shot

Jerry and Jay Dale. Quail Hunt 2-19-16, Blue Horizon, Asheboro, NC

Good goose hunt, Waccamaw Outdoors's "Jake"

Fishing Bunny

This crab was caught off the old Georgetown Bridge. Measures 7 3/8\

Richard Campolei

Jerry Wayne Stevens

Jerry and Jay Dale. Quail and pheasant hunt 2-13-2015 Blue Horizon, Asheboro, NC

Sitting in Jones Creek looking at sunset across Winyah Bay rt

They're both bigger now. Grace Weaver, Lake City w/one of her first catches, a red throat trout. Bi

They all gotta eat! rt

Rebecca Weaver, Lake City, SC w/her 1lb, 1 oz. redbreat caught in Black River

Rebecca Weaver, Lake City, SC pulled this nice spottail from the grass near Bulls Bay all by herself

Rebecca Weaver , Lake City, SC shows she can pull'em from salt water as good as she can from fresh.

Grace Weaver, Lake City, SC wasn't about to be outfished by her older sisters, check out her own San

Hannah Weaver, Lake City, SC landed her own Santee Cooper catfish.

These clams and snails was the belly bulge of Rebecca Weaver's catfish. It literally rattled when s

Rebecca Weaver, Lake City, SC with her 23 lb Santee Cooper catfish.

The Dale Quail Hunt, Allen Brothers Preserve, March 8, 14

Anna Marie Lane of Fork, S.C. 8 point taken Oct. 31, 2013 in Dillon county. She was determined.

Yep, they're still there. 13 fish, total of 86 lbs. Mostly female w/eggs.

Nice fish, huh? Caught 11/10/13 inside NorthJetty Winyah Bay

24.5", 10.5 lb Sheepshead caught while 2-cycle motor was in reverse

John Hulik - Pier slam - Red Drum, Black Drum, Flounder, Trout

Ray Jackson - Black Drum 13 lbs 9 ozs

James Carroll - King Mackerel 34 lbs 9 ozs

Ron Mitchell - Red Drum 22 1/2 (verified legal)

Johnny Glover - Flounder - 3 lbs 2 ozs

Tony Martin - Trout - 2 lbs 15ozs

John Gibson Spanish Mackerel 6 lbs 6 ozs

John Hulik - Flounder - 5 lbs 3 ozs

Female spiney dogfish shark w/calm seas RT

Spiney dogfish shark w/ pups and extra egg sacks RT

Calm Seas - Winyah Bay Sunrise

Robert Thompkins w/spottail too big to keep. But a fine bite.

Robert Thompkins w/keeper sized sheepshead from Winyah Bay jetties/ Ba, ba bad

Robert Thompkins w/a rare catch stone crab. We upset his nap.

Robert Thompkins keeper black drum at Winyah Bay. To me more desirable than flounder

A 40+ lb. stingray. Delicious to eat, need to try one.

Michael "Mule" Smith's catch of flathead catfish, heads and roe. Way too go, Mule. Kill 'em.

Donald Ray Turner's World Record redbreast sunfish. Check out that hump!

Donald Ray Turner w/his current 2.0 lb. WORLD RECORD ALL TACKLE division caught in Lumber River clos

Billy Weaver's current World Record Redbreast sunfish caught in Lynches River close to Bennie Lees L

Billy Weaver w/his 1.5 lb. Lynches River Current WORLD RECORD POLE/LINE/NO REEL caught June 5, 198

Wilbur Huggins, Aynor, SC; Matt Huggins, Conway, SC; Larry Hoursand, Tabor City, NC. Eric Lilly, Con

Wilbur Huggins 55 lb. Flathead Catfish caught at Santee 5/24/13

These spineys grow big at Frying Pan Shoals, too! Honeyhole

JIm Atack, Oak Island, NC hogfish - we grow\'em big @ Frying Pan

Fredrick Farzanegan, Raleigh, NC w/11 lb lobster harvested on 5/10/13

Fredrick Farzanegan, Raleigh, NC w/11 lb lobster

Cooler of hogfish and grouper caught 5/10/13

Jim Atack, Oak Island, NC w/15 lb hogfish harvested on 5/10/13

11 lb spiney lobsters caught by Jim Atack and Fredrick Farzanegan

Jim Atack, Oak Island, NC w/scamp grouper caught @ Frying Pan Shoals 5/10/13

6' 300lb blacktip shark caught 5/10/13 on stand-up tackle at Frying Pan Shoals by Robert Thomkins

Billy Weaver in his one-man scoot around wearing the slabs out

The Weaver Boys w/their catch of slabs and bass March 2013 trip to Polly's Landing

Billy Weaver, Barrineau, SC w/night catch, black crappie Polly's Landing March 2013

2 lb. male black crappie, Polly's Landing March 2013

Billy Weaver, Barrineau, SC Richard Haddock, Kingstree, SC w/a fine mess of black crappie & bass, P

George Knowlton, Barrineau, SC forehead-light catch, Polly's Landing March 2013

George Knowlton, Barrineau, SC with a blue cat that ate the curly tail jig, Polly's Landing, March 2

Robert Thompkins w/black crappie at Polly's Landing March 2013

2 lb. black male crappie, caught at Polly's Landing March 2013

Glen Weaver, Lake City, SC 3 - 2 lb. black male crappies, caught at Polly's Landing March 2013

Billy Weaver, Lake City, SC w/black crappie caught at Polly's Landing, Lake Marion March 2013

8.5 lb flounder caught in Little River

Steve Dale, Jan. 19, 2013...early morning woody

Rob Huff

Dino Pippin, Flat Head Cat. Waccamaw River, in Longs on Sept. 8, 2012. It weighed 41 lbs

July 12, 2012 , Ed Nicholson Black Drum 8 Lbs 3 Oz

July 12,2012 , Mike Lovelace Flounder 4 Lbs 14 Oz

July 15, 2012 , Charlie Hudson Trout 2 Lbs 9 Oz

Dave Tompkins, Sheepshead, 8 lbs 5 oz and 5 lbs 9 oz

Don Shanks , Red Drum

Lisa Austin 11lb 1oz Blue Fish Masy 28 Apache Pier

John White 13lb Blue Fish May 28 Apache Pier

Harold MIller 1lb 7oz & 1lb 3oz Whiting May 11 Apache Pier

Don Christy 3lb 9oz Flounder May 4 Apache Pier

Ed Nicholson 6 lb 9oz Black Drum & 6lb 3oz Black Drum May 3 Apache Pier

Ed Nicholson 3lb 9oz Black Drum & 4lb 4oz Sheepshead Apache Pier May 12

Josh Briggs with his 15 pound striper...caught in Lake Russell, upstate, SC.

Bill and Billy Berg big catch Dec. 19th on their boat Fin Addict IV. Read more - Offshore Fishing.

Bill and Billy Berg big catch Dec. 19th on their boat Fin Addict IV. Read more - Offshore Fishing.

Best of Buddies. Ellis Hardwick, 11 and his one year old yellow Lab, River.

greg lee aynor sc

Marshall Sasser, age 11...nice 8 pointer on Nov. 6 in Georgetown County

Bill Bryan, May 2011, Great Catch at Garden City Pier

Raven Bunton 10 yrs.old 5th grader. Caught this Bass in a pond behind Lowes by CCU.

Gunner Britton of Conway, SC--First Deer!!-- 9 point, 160 lb. BUCK!

Jimmy Gerald shot this brute of an 9pt in Manning on 9/12/2011.

The Scarborough Brothers do it again!

Tryston Diggs of Surfside, 29" Red Fish. 1 of 8 caught July 10

Riles Hucks loves summertime fishing with his daddy (Robert Hucks).

Robert Thompkins 9 lb. 10oz. sheepshead was caught on 6/25/11 at the Georgetown, SC jetties rocks.

Mike Harris of VA. 5 lb. largemouth, caught 1 hour after he arrived to fish with local , Jim Tergis

darren foster of aynor with his first turkey

Paul from Conway caught this Bonefish on a recent trip to the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Dan Register of Conway, with a fine 11 point taken 12/9/2010.

Steven with Spencer Prince after his first hunt, double down with a buckand doe

Steven Riedal with 8 pointer

Steven Riedal with 7 pointer

Joe Thomas with 10 pointer

Buster after helping Steven with his deer

Mac Boone, 12 years old, and son of Nicole Boone, gets his first 8 point buck for this year's deer s

Mac Boone, 12 years old, and son of Nicole Boone, gets his first 8 point buck for this year's deer s

Who says girls can't hunt? Dana Register, 8points, 9/28, hunting with sister in law Suzanne Register

Bill Kendall's 85lb. 14oz. Tarpon...Go Bill

Kipp's Big Buck

Fisher Kyle Owens, age 9. Son of Paul and Glenda Owens of Galivants Ferry, killed his first Turkey

Lee Cannon and John Proctor Lake Wateree weight of 24.24lbs

Daniel Kluchinsky bagged these two turkeys in Horry County.

randi lee with her first turkey

Opening day turkey taken at a friends farm

Marvin Lambert and Chris Dunn of Conway, 9 crappie and 8 bass, March 10, 2010

Colin Cordera caught this catfish from the pond in his backyard, March 2010

Ronnie Elvis Sr. and Ronnie Elvis Jr. of Conway.

Cody Reynolds age 9 from Effingham, SC shot his first squirrel in Dec. 2009 with his 22 rifle

Tyson Gerald and Russ Calhoun

Bud and Chad in back, Jack poole in front

Lee Bell, Kennedy Smith and Jamie Sims

Jack Poole and Jamie Sims camping on the Waccamaw

Wendy Poole and her boar (

Paul Sasser

Tony Cox in Georgetown, Nice Red!

James Yates...BIG RED at McClellanville

Jessica Sasser

Jay & Steve...Asheboro, NC

Jay's cuda ain't no plymouth

Bill's Turkey...Lucky shot

Steve's Bull and that ain't no bull

Who says size doesn't matter

Barry's King Of the Day

Jay's Tiger Shark Still Kickin'

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